Tell Congress: Reject the Internet Slow Lane

Congress is already being overrun by greedy Big Telecom lobbyists pressuring them to destroy Net Neutrality and impose Slow Lanes on the Internet.3

The only way to stop the Internet Slow Lane is to retain the Title II Net Neutrality protections we have now. If enough Americans speak out, we can make certain Congress knows how much popular support there is for Net Neutrality and the Title II protections we have now.

Here are some great points to make to your representative in Congress:

  • I'm writing because I'm concerned about attempts by telecom giants like Comcast and AT&T to impose a Slow Lane on the Internet. As my representative, I am asking that you reject the Internet Slow Lane by supporting the Title II Net Neutrality consumer protections Americans currently enjoy.
  • Strong Net Neutrality rules are essential to protect American businesses and Internet users. But large telecom giants backed by FCC Chair Ajit Pai are trying to undo these essential safeguards to allow the creation of Slow Lanes online — technically known as "paid prioritization." Congress must ensure Americans are protected against this type of ISP abuse. With no real, viable legislation on the table in the near future — and FCC Chair Ajit Pai wanting to move as early as October — Congress must act to ensure Americans are protected against ISP abuse online.
  • The loss of Title II protections will make our web more like cable TV, where only those with money are able to access what they want to online, and only companies with deep pockets will be able to reach audiences.
  • This isn't just a tech issue — it's one of the most important civil rights issues we face today. A free and open Internet is about who gets to tell their stories online, and who gets to be heard in today’s society. An Internet that only allows wealthy and privileged interests to be heard will mean silencing the voices of minorities, people of color, women, LGBTQ youth, and other already-marginalized groups.4

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[3] Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T want Congress to make a net neutrality law because they will write it: The Verge
[4] Net Neutrality Is A Civil Rights Issue: Common Cause  


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