Indie ISPs by Province/Territory

Canada is falling behind the rest of the world on both Internet speed and pricing. Big phone and cable companies have made record profits while they overcharge and disrespect Canadians. Those profits are then used to lobby for more control and price-gouging.

The only thing big telecom companies understand is their bottom line, so let's hit them where it hurts. Let’s get as many Canadians as possible to switch to independent services.

It's not possible for everyone to switch to an independent services right now, but let’s all pledge to do so when it is possible.

By pledging to make the switch, you'll also send a clear message to policy-makers that all Canadians want to have telecom and media choices that are independent of big telecom available in their area. Make a pledge and spread the word!

Indie ISPs by Province/Territory

Please note: This resource is a work in progress. We hope to add more providers and categories soon.

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Alberta More Alberta ISPs »
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New Foundland & Labrador More New Foundland & Labrado ISPs »
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Ontario More Ontario ISPs »
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netfox start teksavvy HeroNet
Prince Edward Island More Prince Edward Island ISPs »
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