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Fund OpenMedia’s intervention to defend free expression at the Supreme Court.

The outcome of this case will be felt worldwide; if this decision goes the wrong way it could set a precedent where we will see perfectly legal and legitimate links disappear off the web because of a court order in the opposite corner of the globe.

We can’t let that happen. 

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Why is OpenMedia intervening in this case?

  • We’re intervening in this case to defend the rights of individuals to online free expression and access to information.

  • The Internet is an essential tool for free expression for people across the globe. We’re fighting to establish the protection of free expression online as a basic right in one of the most influential courts in the world.

  • People want to be able to find the information they need online – nobody wants for links to be missing or for content to be blocked.

  • We think it’s important to set a strong precedent that censoring or removing material from the web should only happen when the implications for free expression have been clearly considered by the courts.

What happens if we win?

  • If we win, all of us will benefit from clear rules that ensure we can both express ourselves freely and access the information we need online.

  • If we win, Canada will show leadership and set a positive example for other nations wrestling with these issues.

What happens if we lose?

  • You could see perfectly legal and legitimate content disappear off the web because of a court order in the opposite corner of the globe.

  • Globally censoring what search engines can show in their results would be a huge setback to our rights to access information and express ourselves freely.

I don’t live in Canada. Why should I care?

  • Canada’s Supreme Court is highly influential, so if this case goes well, it will set a positive example for other nations wrestling with these issues. This is one of an increasing number of cases worldwide where web platforms are being asked to implement restrictions on expression online that reach far beyond the borders of the country where the case was heard.

What was the original case?

  • In the case underlying this Supreme Court battle – Equustek Solutions Inc. v Jack – the plaintiff alleged that the defendant violated their trade secrets and passed off a counterfeit product as their own. They then turned to Google, demanding that the company remove links to the offending website – not just in Canada, but worldwide. If their arguments are successful at the Supreme Court, we’re concerned about the precedent this will set for foreign governments and companies seeking to wipe content off the web, globally. That’s why we’re asking the courts to put in place a framework that would require them to explicitly consider impacts on free expression when censoring content online.

How can I help?

  • Donate! We may only have one shot at this, and the deadline is coming up fast. We need to guarantee we have the resources to make the strongest case possible and ensure the concerns of Internet users around the world are represented. Legal action of any kind is expensive, and that’s especially the case when it comes to taking action at the Supreme Court. Can you donate now to support this important work?


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