C-59: Stop the spying

 C-59: Send your letter to stop the spying

Right now, critical reforms to National Security legislation are being discussed by Parliamentary committee. We’re closer than ever before to ending reckless and invasive surveillance by our government.

But more must be done to fix the reforms for our digital rights to be properly protected.

In Bill C-59, out-of-control information sharing threatens to create an open-ended intelligence dragnet that would severely harm our fundamental privacy rights.1 And we still lack explicit protection for our rights to encryption, as well as freedom from warrantless cell phone spying.

Write your message below to demand privacy protections in the C-59 reform bill, and we’ll include it in our witness statement to the SECU committee.

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Together, we’ve been fighting for an end to the invasive surveillance bought in by Bill C-51 since the very beginning. And with the reforms brought in by Bill C-59, we’re closer than ever before. But more needs to be done to get us to the point where this could represent an effective repealing of C-51.

Right now, the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security are reviewing the reforms, but if we don’t speak out then we could see extremely worrying provisions around data sharing and information gathering remain in the bill, and lose out on much-needed protections for the security that strong encryption gives us and protection from warrantless spying on our cellphones.

Speak out now to have your voice go on record. Your letter will be shared with the SECU committee as part of our witness testimony. Editing the letter above will give even more weight to your views, so please do add in some personal touches and highlight which issues are most important to you before sending your letter. 


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[1] Canada’s spy agencies casting wider net on citizens’ electronic data, parliamentary report says: The Globe and Mail

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