Stop the AT&T Goliath

 Stop the AT&T Goliath​

AT&T and Time Warner are planning a merger1 that would give them unprecedented2 power to shape how we communicate.

This $85-billion mega-merger is bad for free expression online, bad for press freedom, and bad for our wallets.3 If approved, AT&T will have the power to raise prices, shape how we use the Internet, and monitor our private lives as we move through the world.4

But if we speak out now, we can put a stop to this. The Senate hearing is this Wednesday, December 7.5

ACT NOW. Tell the U.S. Senate Committee to stop AT&T from dominating everything we hear, see and do online.

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We need to pressure the Senate's antitrust oversight committee to stop this merger.

If this merger is permitted, AT&T will have unmatched power to control the content we see on TV, print and the Internet. The enormous telecom conglomerate is already talking about making certain online services they don’t like more expensive than others.6

This new media goliath will have nearly unchecked power to put a toll booth on the Internet — making websites it doesn’t like slower and more expensive to access.

Make no mistake: This is bad. And, if we allow AT&T this level of control, we’ll see a wave of other mergers leaving us with just a few companies that act as gatekeepers to online content, services and even personal communications.7 AT&T was just caught spying on Americans for profit8 — so why would we hand over near complete control of our daily communications and web surfing to them?

We must raise our voices as loudly as possible right now. AT&T’s lobbyists already have the ears of the Senate.9 Acting together, and acting now, is the only way to challenge that power. One, unified voice of a highly engaged group of citizens will make sure they hear us.

There are just a few days before the crucial Senate hearing. We can do this — but we have to act fast.     

We must draw a line in the sand. Make it clear you won’t stand for this, add your voice now.

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