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All of us have benefited from the expression, innovation and commerce enabled by the open Internet. 2017 is a year of great challenge and possibility. Please join OpenMedia in our #StepUp4Net fundraising drive.

On the horizon for early 2017:

1. In many countries we will need to double our efforts as new surveillance threats have emerged such as warrantless Stingray Surveillance, mandatory data retention and interception powers, mandatory backdoors for encryption and likely more to come.

2. OpenMedia has been at the forefront of the Net Neutrality battle in the US, Canada and most recently in the EU. In 2017 we’ll work to ensure Net Neutrality rules are properly enforced but we also know that we’ll need to mobilize huge numbers of Americans to defend Net Neutrality from Trump’s FCC.

3. Threats to the hyperlink are undermining free expression online in Europe. Experts are saying these firm proposals will be raised in Canada and the U.S. in 2017. It will be critical to put up a strong defence of pro-user provisions, while also advancing new reforms, including explicit protections for hyperlinking.

OpenMedia has leveraged hundreds of thousands to stand up for the open Internet through crowdsourcing and innovative engagement tools —  but the need has never been greater. This December we are calling on business people to Step up For the Internet by contributing to OpenMedia's non-profit work.

Your gift will be used to power new campaigns and match donations made through our monthly donor drive in December. Last year, our grassroots community gave 576 contributions thanks to matched giving provided by organizations like yours.

Please help us reach even further this year by contributing now.

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