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The Internet is at a turning point: In the U.S., Donald Trump is expanding surveillance powers, he’s also hired a Big Telecom insider to help him demolish Net Neutrality protections consumers rely on. If he succeeds, it could strangle open Internet for the entire world.

All of this, while leaders in Five Eyes Countries are becoming more vocal than ever about finding backdoors to encryption and the European Union seriously considers imposing a tax on hyperlinks.

Either we stand up now for our digital rights, or we accept a reality where everything we do online is monitored by governments and ISPs, free expression is quashed, and Internet prices go through the roof.

Our nimble team is ready for this fight and we are asking tech leaders to Step Up and support us, by giving a gift that will be matched by our vast online community of more than half a million individuals.

Your gift will be used to power new campaigns and match donations made through our monthly donor drive in December. Last year, our grassroots community gave over 600 contributions thanks to matched giving provided by organizations like yours.

Please help us reach even further this year by contributing now.

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