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Talking points (these points will also display on the next page)

  • Say your name, where you live, and a bit about yourself (eg. you are a parent, a concerned citizen, a student, a professional, retired, etc.)
  • Tell them you’re calling about the National Security Consultation
  • (If applicable) tell them you’re one of the 10,000 people who have responded to the National Security Consultation online with OpenMedia’s tools

Use any of these following points:

  • Our elected representatives are put in parliament to act on the values of Canadians, and I care about privacy. 
  • I’m worried that my feedback isn’t going to be taken seriously, and that’s why I’ve called for your help today.
  • It looks like the government is more concerned about pressure from the police and spy agencies than they are about feedback from everyday Canadians.
  • We need transparency: a summary of responses isn’t enough to convince Canadians that they have been listened to.
  • The government must release the responses they received, in full.
  • Thousands upon thousands of Canadians are asking for an end to invasive surveillance. We know that the feedback was overwhelmingly pro-privacy and against Bill C-51. 
  • We need to see the evidence out in the clear, without any bias, so that Canadians can know for sure that the actions taken by the government are responding to the feedback they received.
  • Most of all, we need a commitment to act on the outpouring of feedback against mass surveillance – real change is needed.
  • Ask them to tell Minister Goodale to release the full, anonymized text of all the C-51 submissions they’ve received.


Bill C-51 allows for rampant spying on ordinary Canadians. Your medical history, sexual orientation, and political beliefs could be shared with 17 different government agencies – and without oversight can then passed to the NSA in the U.S.

Encryption that keeps you safe from identity theft would be weakened. And telecom companies would be forced to hand over your personal communications data to law enforcement without a warrant.

When the government promised to ‘get it right’ on C-51, they began a long-awaited consultation with Canadians – a chance we’d been denied for so long. But when the consultation draws to a close, we need to be sure that our voices were actually heard, and that they’ll be acted on.

We need to make sure that elected officials feel the pressure, and that it becomes impossible for them to make any changes to the bill that don’t reflect the outpouring of feedback against mass surveillance. The best way of doing that is to call your MP  right now and telling them to release the full results of the consultation – and to act on them.


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