Stop undermining small Internet providers

  Stop undermining small Internet service providers​

Indie Internet providers can't compete on a level playing field with Big Telecom calling the shots.

But right now a crucial consultation could change the rules to give smaller, independent ISPs a fair chance1 — and we need your help. If enough Canadians speak out, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will have to create and update rules to give independent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) an equal opportunity.

This is our opportunity to get the affordable, competitive Internet access choice we deserve.

Speak out now to support more choice in Canada’s Internet service markets.

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This is our chance to secure increased, fair competition and affordable choice in Internet services for all of us.2

For years, large telecom companies have had control over indie Internet providers' quality of service to us, giving them the opportunity to tilt the playing field unfairly.

The CRTC created quality of service rules to make sure indie ISP customers receive the same level of service as the customers of big telcos. But these rules are inadequate and woefully out of date, and this is our best chance to fix them.3

A 21st-century telecommunications system needs modern rules. Here’s what we’re asking the CRTC for:

  1. Upgrade the CRTC’s rules to ensure competitor quality of service for cable Internet, high-speed fiber broadband Internet, and mobile wireless services. These are the services of today and tomorrow.

  2. Ensure a level playing field with fair treatment. Indie ISPs can’t compete properly if their customers aren’t treated fairly by incumbent providers. We need fair rules for real competition.

  3. Support affordable choice. When Big Telecom is able to hold back small providers, it makes it much more difficult for Canadians to find affordable Internet options to subscribe to. The CRTC needs to demonstrate its commitment to Internet affordability in Canada.

This is our chance to increase choice in Canada’s wireless and wireline markets. Help us secure more affordable Internet for all.

Stand up for affordable Internet choice now.

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[3] OpenMedia’s Cynthia Khoo, external legal counsel, explains upcoming Competitor Quality of Service proceeding: YouTube


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