The Future of Digital Services in Canada

Crowdsourcing The Future of Digital Services in Canada

The CRTC is nearly finished a year-long process1 about how Canadians access digital services, including TV and how we use the Internet.2 This crucial consultation could decide whether Canada starts to tackle its growing national digital deficit, or whether we fall even further behind our global counterparts.3

The consultation has now entered the final phase before the public hearing begins in September. So, to make sure your voice is heard, and to ensure the CRTC keeps Big Telecom and broadcasting lobbyists’ hands off our Internet, we're giving an opportunity to provide input below.

After you’ve given us your thoughts, we will put your concerns in a report we'll take straight to decision makers at the CRTC hearing in just a few weeks, along with everything Internet users have told us throughout the process.


Question #1: Connect Canadians or Subsidize TV Broadcasting?
The CRTC are considering new ways to prop up big telecom conglomerates’ outdated TV broadcasting model. Huge amounts of public money for Canadian programming goes solely to Big Telecom giants4 to fund traditional TV broadcasting.

Do you think investing in faster and cheaper Internet connections for Canadians and Canadian creators (including those in rural areas) is a better way to support Canadian culture in the 21st century?


Question #2: Accessing the Content You Want Online.
Would you support the idea of imposing a new government tax on online content providers to support Canadian broadcasting content, which would make access to those online services more expensive?

Or, would you rather the CRTC focus on supporting public media, Canadian services, and independent producers by removing subsidies to big telecom conglomerates, reducing barriers to online distribution, and ensuring that the Internet is a truly open platform for innovation?


Question #3: Should Big Telecom conglomerates like Bell and Rogers control what we see online?
Do you think it’s fair that Big Telecom conglomerates are purposefully making independent apps and online services more expensive for Canadians? Do you think this helps or hurts content producers and Internet users in Canada?

Thank You So Much for Your Thoughts
OK, that’s it! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our best ideas have always come from our community, so: What is the best way to improve digital services in Canada? Let us know, and we’ll deliver your voice to the hearing.