Kill the TPP once and for all

Enough is enough: Kill the TPP once and for all​

The TPP could be finalized as soon as this November!1 Despite the U.S. backing out last year and the millions of people who opposed the toxic deal, the 11 remaining countries are back at the negotiating table trying to keep the deal alive as the TPP-11.

The TPP is a bad deal for Canadians. This is true with or without the U.S.

It’s time for Canada to formally withdraw from the TPP, and ensure any future trade agreements are transparent and in the best interest of its citizens. We’re telling Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne to stop pursuing TPP-11 negotiations.

UPDATE: October 30, 2017: The official government consultation period is over, but we’re going to keep telling Minister Champagne this is a bad deal for Canadians until it’s officially taken off the table. Endorse the letter below to help us keep up the fight against the TPP.

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Dear Minister Champagne,

I am writing you because I am very concerned about the federal government pursuing TPP-11 negotiations despite the huge opposition Canadians expressed towards the original Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal over the past five years. The withdrawal of the U.S. from the deal does not change the damaging effects of this deal, as some of the original, most controversial provisions are likely to remain untouched in the text and do not reflect Canadians’ best interests.

Some of the issues I am deeply concerned about are:

The TPP’s restrictive copyright rules:

These could jeopardize our robust, uniquely Canadian and even exemplary policies in the areas of intellectual property and digital trade to match them with lower standards. A concrete example of this is the extension of our current copyright terms from the international standard of life of the author plus an additional 50 years to life of the author plus an additional 70 years. This will rob our public domain, restrict our access to knowledge and information, and cost our economy over $400 million annually.

ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement):

I refuse to give private corporations the power to sue our government for Canadian laws that don’t fit their business interests and threaten the public interest. Plus, the cost of the government defending itself in these unaccountable tribunals will be inevitably absorbed by taxpayers.

Signing TPP-11 will strike a major blow on Canadian democracy:

It will only further erode Canadians’ trust in public institutions, especially given how strongly opposed we’ve been to this deal since the very beginning. At this point, the TPP is politically toxic and vastly opposed to by the Canadian public: There is no justification for the government to pursue negotiations, even without the U.S. Please, formally withdraw Canada from TPP-11 immediately.

Nearly 30,000 citizens expressed their concerns and opposition to the original TPP in OpenMedia’s Let’s Talk TPP Citizens Report: I urge you to once again, reconsider the three main recommendations from this crowdsourced analysis of the previous consultation: formally withdraw from the TPP, implement real transparency and embrace multi-stakeholder engagement.

Thank you,

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  • The TPP is an unfair, undemocratic deal that will overwrite our laws, criminalize our online activity, rob our public domain, and cost our economy millions.

  • Without the U.S., the remaining 11 countries are trying to put forward the TPP-11, which is just as bad for Canadians as the original deal.

  • Nearly half a million citizens worldwide have opposed the TPP just through OpenMedia's actions and millions more have protested through countless campaigns, actions, protests and rallies over the past five years.2

  • Canadians have ALREADY extensively expressed their discontent with the TPP repeatedly.3 The government shouldn’t think twice before withdrawing from this politically toxic agreement, even if the U.S. is out, remaining nations are aiming for speedy ratification with a “minimal changes approach”.4

  • The deadline for the government’s TPP public consultation is October 30th,5 which means we must act now!

Tell Trade Minister Champagne to stop pursuing TPP-11 negotiations. It’s time to formally withdraw from the TPP and ensure any future trade agreements are democratically shaped by Canadians.

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