The Final Battle to Stop the TPP

 The final battle over the TPP just began. Stand with us.

BREAKING – The TPP was just signed by all participating nations.1 But we have a plan to stop key countries from ratifying this dangerous pact and stop it dead in its tracks.

If ratified, the TPP will censor our Web, criminalize our online activities, and cost us money. But together we will jam public consultations, build an international action kit, and support our allies across the globe to kill this agreement once and for all.

Please, join OpenMedia at this historic moment. Today is the day we enter the final battle to stop the TPP, and we need everyone on our side.

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[1] Historic signing of TPP in Auckland. Source: New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade.

[2] Want to know more about how the TPP will affect your digital future? Check out this great primer from the EFF. And our summary of experts’ biggest concerns.


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