This is an Internet Emergency

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  It’s Bell vs. Canada: This is an Internet Emergency.

***UPDATE: On May 11, 2016, Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains rejected Bell Canada's appeal of the CRTC's open access rules. We won! Get the full story here.***

Bell has a plan to kill Canada's smaller, most affordable Internet providers so it can price-gouge you at will.1 If Bell succeeds, Canadians will be forced to pay more money for less Internet.2

It’s so obvious: the telecom giant is trying to rip-off Canadians, control the Internet market, and ensure we have no choice but their slow, outdated services.3

We’ve built the definitive case to stop Bell’s plan.4 Now we need you to send this message to Innovation Minister, Navdeep Bains: “Listen to Canadian Internet users and businesses, and reject Bell’s price-gouging scheme.”

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If enough of us speak out, we can convince the new government to reject Bell's petition to the governor-in-council to overturn our historic win (AKA: Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2015-326, Review of wholesale wireline services and associated policies.)5 Sign the petition, and we’ll send the new government a message on your behalf.

Tired of paying high Internet bills? Big Telecom is trying to make them way worse.

Within 48 hours of the 2015 election, Bell initiated a rarely-used Parliamentary procedure called the 'petition to Governor-in-Council' to overturn customer protection rules we helped win earlier this year.6,7 You can see the key documents here.

This obscure, rarely-invoked procedure could kill small competitors and allow Big Telecom to price-gouge us all.8And if they succeed it will be nearly impossible to undo.

If Bell gets its way, you’ll never be able to have an Internet provider that isn’t one of the giants – this means we’ll continue to pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world for slow Internet service.9

Your OpenMedia team spent more than a year fighting to win these rules.10 But now, all this is in danger. Make sure the government and Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains, know where you stand ASAP!


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