Tell decision makers in your own words to end data caps

This is our chance to get rid of one of the biggest screwdrivers in Big Telecom’s price-gouging tool box — data caps — once and for all.

OpenMedia is crowdsourcing Canadians' views so we can tell the CRTC to end data caps, preserve Net Neutrality and ensure telecom giants don’t make your favourite services more expensive than the services they control. The web shouldn’t have toll booths, or hall passes.[1]

Mean-spirited data caps are holding Canadians hostage to constant overage fees and higher than expected bills — let’s put an end to it. Submit your comment now.

Be sure to personalize your letter and write in your voice. Here are points for you to consider:

  • Canadians are trapped by data caps. On wired Internet, data caps in most of the world are unheard of. For wireless, caps are far more reasonable than what most Canadians can access. Are you struggling with data caps? If so, tell the CRTC how.
  • There is no such thing as “too much Internet,” given how essential affordable online access has become to our everyday lives. If we don’t tackle this now, Canada will fall even further behind. Why is having data on your phone or at home important to you?
  • Stop Big Telecom from putting toll booths on the Internet. Telecom giants should not be permitted to “zero-rate” data. This makes websites they don’t like slower and more expensive to access. It’s unfair, and bad for innovation and free expression online. What do you think about letting ISPs control who wins and loses on the Internet?
  • We need transparency and strong enforcement to ensure telcos stick by the rules, and face penalties when those rules are broken. Have you had trouble understanding your data plan? Did your telecom provider ever break a rule and nothing happened?
  • Uphold our strong Net Neutrality rules. Canadians already won open Internet rules once. We shouldn’t have to worry about whether our favourite websites and services could be forced into a “slow lane.” Tell the Commission what you think about this.

You can also see what others are saying in the comment stream below.

This campaign is hosted by OpenMedia. We will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign and others. Find our OpenMedia's privacy policy here.

By taking action here I acknowledge that my comments and information will form part of the public record for this proceeding including on the CRTC website.

I do not wish to appear at the hearing in relation to this submission. I ask that this submission be granted the same weight as that of any other party.

Canadians pay among the highest prices for our cell phones among all G7 countries and Australia,[2] in some cases up to three times as much.[3]

And in provinces where there is more competition, like Manitoba and Saskatchewan, prices drop by up to half,[4]  and data caps become much less restrictive, showing that telecom companies take unfair advantage of Canadians if given the opportunity.[5]

More than 31,000 Canadians have already endorsed OpenMedia’s letter to the CRTC to end data caps.[6] Now is the chance to add to the momentum and tell decision-makers in your own words why ISPs should scrap data caps.  

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Comment Stream

Live Blog Data Caps IVT
Live Blog Data Caps IVT

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