End Data Caps

  We have a huge opportunity to end data caps

Canadians are getting a bad deal when it comes to data caps. On home Internet, data caps are rare outside Canada.1,2 On wireless, other countries experience much better deals than us.

Big Telecom have been using caps to rip off Canadians for years and it needs to stop.3 They also want new powers to privilege certain apps and services over others (through controversial “zero-rating” schemes)4 and to weaken our Net Neutrality rules.

But a new CRTC hearing offers us a chance to kill data caps and keep the web open.5 Endorse our letter below and we’ll put your name on the public record.

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Dear Commissioners,

This proceeding must lead to stronger open Internet (Net Neutrality) rules in Canada, and an end to data caps.

First, for wired Internet, data caps in most of the industrialized world are unheard of. For wireless, they are far more reasonable than what most Canadians enjoy. Claims that data caps are used solely for network management have been debunked. They are used as a pricing tool that discourages Internet use, and disincentivizes service providers from investing in network capacity. For these reasons, we ask you to end data caps on wired Internet, and ensure all Canadians have access to affordable, unlimited wireless data plans.

Second, the Commission must ban differential pricing schemes such as “zero-rating.” Telecom giants must be banned from using their power to unfairly privilege certain apps and services over others, inflating the cost of competing apps and services. Internet users, not telecom providers, should be the ones deciding what we read and watch online, and who the winners and losers of the web are.

Third, you must improve Canada’s Net Neutrality rules. Canadians have already fought for and won open Internet rules to prevent Big Telecom from restricting our access to online services. We are calling on the CRTC to improve these rules by guaranteeing they prevent website blocking, throttling, and paid-prioritization.

Finally, we need additional transparency and enforcement measures (AKA: “Internet openness audits”) to ensure Internet users are meaningfully informed and their interests protected. We require strong mechanisms to ensure that telecom companies are playing by the rules and that effective penalties apply when those rules are broken.

I acknowledge that my comments and information will form part of the public record for this proceeding including on the CRTC website. I do not wish to appear at the hearing in relation to this submission. I ask that this submission be granted the same weight as that of any other party.

Thank you.

[Your Name Here]

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