Community Broadband First

Community Broadband First

Last December, the CRTC ruled that high-quality Internet should be a basic service for all Canadians and created a $750 million fund to support broadband projects in rural, underserved, and unserved areas.1

Now, the CRTC is asking Canadians how that $750 million should be spent: should we invest it in innovative community-driven initiatives, or just hand it to Big Telecom giants who have failed time and time again to deliver affordable, reliable Internet to Canadians who need it?

If enough of us show there is real desire for community, municipal, and non-profit broadband — for the public, by the public — we can convince the CRTC to make this new fund a game-changer.

Tell the CRTC: Ensure broadband funding goes to community-driven initiatives instead of filling Big Telecom’s deep pockets.

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We fought hard to make the Internet a basic service for all Canadians2  – Now we have to make it a reality by ensuring the CRTC’s limited funding goes where it’s needed the most: Canadian communities that the digital divide has left behind.

Big Telecom has failed to bring affordable Internet access to far too many Canadians who have been waiting for far too long.3 Instead of rewarding Big Telecom for allowing so many of our communities to fall behind, we need to invest in bringing every Canadian community up to speed.

Imagine if an ISP existed to put users and citizens like yourself at the centre--Internet service for the public, by the public. If allocated toward municipal, community, or non-profit initiatives, the CRTC’s fund will help realize the goal of bringing widespread, affordable Internet access across the country.

We can't afford to get let this opportunity go to waste: send your message to the CRTC right now.


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