National broadband strategy

  Demand a National Broadband Strategy

Big Telecom giants have you trapped in some of the most expensive Internet services in the industrialized world.1 And for years the OpenMedia community has demanded a national strategy to close our digital divide, and open networks to lower our costs.2,3

Now even the CRTC has sent a message to the Trudeau government: we need a broadband strategy that allows everyone in this country to fully participate in the digital economy. And when the CRTC and OpenMedia supporters agree, it’s time for action.

Tell Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains and Prime Minister Trudeau: “You must build on the CRTC’s vision to create a national broadband strategy. And you must lower costs and increase choice by structurally separating our networks from Big Telecom’s grip.”

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When OpenMedia presented to the CRTC on April 28, 2016, here’s what we said:

I will make you a promise, if you get this right and plant a bold flag for Canada’s internet, the OpenMedia community will do everything in its power to drag the federal government, kicking and screaming if necessary, into a coordinated national broadband strategy that will build on your vision and ensure every Canadian has access to broadband internet services.4

On December 21, 2016 the CRTC delivered with a new report.5

And now the OpenMedia community is delivering on our promise. Sign our petition today.

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