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 Don’t let Big Telecom block us from new cell phone providers

Rogers and Bell are using obscure legal loopholes to block you from an affordable new cell provider called Sugar Mobile that costs $19 per month.1,2,3 The giants want you to have no choice other than their expensive services.

Big Telecom controls 90% of the mobile market,4 and forces us to pay the highest bills in the industrialized world.5 We can’t let them kill what few affordable options we have.

We're submitted a detailed policy submission on March 17.6 But we need to show the CRTC how many Canadians support greater wireless choice before they make their final decision. Sign now and tell the CRTC: "Do not cave to Big Telecom’s demands. Stop these giants from blocking innovative and affordable MVNO providers."

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Telecom giant Rogers is trying to block customers of Sugar Mobile, an affordable new provider, from roaming on its network.7

Why? They want to paralyze the startup, which is selling innovative mobile phone service for $19 a month across Canada.8

The giants are abusing legal loopholes in the CRTC’s pro-customer wireless rules to reduce choice, harm innovation, and keep low-income Canadians offline.

The rules say telecom giants like Rogers have to give Sugar Mobile fair access. But because Sugars uses an innovative hybrid WiFi/cellular network, Rogers is saying the rules don’t apply. This is unfair, and harms innovation.

The CRTC’s rules were designed to promote innovation, lower costs, and increase choice.9  Siding with Big Telecom now would undo this momentum.

With the recently-completed sale of WIND – Canada’s last affordable wireless provider – to telecom giant Shaw,10  this case will serve as a litmus test for the CRTC.

OpenMedia will be putting a hard-hitting, expert submission on the public record to stop Big Telecom’s blocking tactics at the CRTC on March 17. But we need you to add your voice.

Sign this petition to let decision-makers know where Canadians stand before it’s too late.

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