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  We Need Your Help To Save Net Neutrality

Right now, there's an important battle for the Internet taking place in the United States, that could impact all of us. The U.S. telecom regulator, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), just voted to kill the Net Neutrality rules that keep big Internet service providers from abusing their power at the expense of everyday people.

Now, we need to act to get Congress to step in and overturn that vote.

If Net Neutrality stays lost in the U.S., it will have catastrophic consequences on Internet users worldwide. Already incredibly powerful telecom providers now have the power to prioritize their own content, block or limit access to sites they don't like, and carve the Internet up into packages that look just like Cable TV. It will result in some of our favourite content and services having pay extra just to convince the telecoms to let them reach us -- which means an increase fees that we'll need to absorb.

Millions of Americans have spoken up, and now it’s time for the global community to show that it matters to us too. it's time to turn back the FCC’s agenda.

>Tell Republican majority Congressional leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to stop the FCC’s plan to kill Net Neutrality:

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Why should you care about Net Neutrality in the U.S.?


  • Killing Net Neutrality will quash free expression and innovation online by giving Big Telecom full rein over what we can and can’t see online.

  • “Pay to play” in the U.S. will severely hinder innovation for new and smaller entrants (think the next Netflix or YouTube). Much of our favourite content, and online services, come from the U.S. If the FCC requires everyone to be able to pay to compete on a level playing field, not only will this make our favourite shows and services more expensive, but only business and voices with deep pockets will survive.

  • About 70 per cent of the world’s Internet traffic gets routed through the U.S.2 Without guarantees that our content will get equal treatment no matter who controls the traffic, we could see an impact on the quality and speed of our Internet just by virtue of it routing through the United States.

  • The FCC is determined to kill Net Neutrality despite vocal opposition from Internet users, small businesses, tech experts and multiple polls showing overwhelming support for Net Neutrality across the political spectrum. Just to give you an idea in the numbers:

    • A record breaking 22 million comments were submitted to the FCC weighing in on the Net Neutrality debate.3

    • Over 580,000 calls have been made to Congress.4

    • Almost 80 per cent of Americans want to preserve the FCC’s current open Internet rules, including 73 per cent of Republicans.5

  • Rolling back Net Neutrality in the U.S. could set a dangerous precedent for other countries, and will embolden ISPs around the world to attempt their own power grabs.

  • The Internet should not be a place of fast and slow lanes, where what you can access depends on how much you can pay — instead, it should be a level playing field where everyone can equally connect, create, communicate, participate in the global community, and thrive.

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