The Internet shouldn’t have a toll booth

The Internet shouldn’t have a toll booth

Edit, Aug 30: After three years and more than 500,000 people speaking out for an open Internet, Europe’s long-awaited Net Neutrality guidelines were released Aug 30, 2016.

And they look goodthanks to all of you who spoke up as part of the campaign. 

Read more about the win, and next steps: Europe’s new Net Neutrality guidelines a big win for the open Internet.

Regulators in Europe are about to make a decision that will fundamentally impact how the Internet works — one that will be felt worldwide.

Telecom companies are pushing for a scheme that would give them the power to put a toll booth on the Internet [1]making websites they don’t like slower and more expensive to access.

We know regulators are considering these rules right now. Sign you name to endorse our letter below ahead of regulators' August 30th decision. 

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The EU Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC) is asking for your input[2] on Net Neutrality rules that govern the Internet.

Even if you don't live in the EU some of your favourite Web services rely on rules made in Europe to function.

We should get to decide how we use the Internet — not powerful telecom gatekeepers with vested interests.[3]

We know if we leave it to them they'll make it impossible for the next Netflix or Spotify to compete with established players.[4]

But if enough of us speak out, regulators will have no choice but to stand up for the open Internet.[5, 6, 7]

Over 500,000 people added their voice to the public record on this crucial issue. Let's keep growing our numbers until we win.


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