Don't let the Internet turn into Cable 2.0

  Don't let the Internet turn into Cable 2.0

UPDATE: December 2, 2017 – Thanks to the more than 20,000 of you who spoke out and submitted a message to the CTRC. The deadline has passed for Phase 1 but we're going to keep the pressure on. Add your name below to show support for this message and to stay up to date on this issue – you'll be the first to know what's coming next.

Right now, the CRTC is holding a consultation that will shape the rules that govern the future of the Internet in Canada.1 They need to hear your message: The open Internet needs to be at the heart of Canada’s future communications policies.

If we don’t act now, the voices of Big Telecom will be the only ones on record. And they’ll be fighting for an Internet that’s like cable TV, with subscriptions, packages and stifled competition.

We need to guarantee that net neutrality is the central principle governing the Internet, and that all Canadians are able to access, and afford, quality Internet to meaningfully participate in our digital society.

Submit the letter below to protect our free and open Internet, and we will include it as a part of our submission to the CRTC! Feel free to edit the letter before you send it.

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The federal government has announced it will be reviewing the Broadcast & Telecom Acts2 – the rules that govern ALL of our communications systems in Canada. The CRTC has been asked to weigh in about what the future of our audio and visual programming will look like3, and is looking for input.

Big Telecom will be pushing for rules that let them prioritize their own content, stifle competition, and line their pockets.

We need to be innovative in the ways creators reach audiences and not recreate the closed, private content distribution systems that have resulted in years of cord-cutting across Canada.

If you believe that the people providing Internet service should not dictate the content you can or cannot see, edit and send the letter above to make sure the CRTC considers your point of view when they make their final report.

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[2] Launch of Creative Canada - The Honourable Mélanie Joly,  Minister of Canadian Heritage: Government of Canada

[3] New CRTC Chair’s Leadership Will Help Shape the Future of Canada’s Communication System: Government of Canada

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