Let's Send the TPP back to its Grave!

  Let's Send The TPP Back To Its Grave

IT’S BACK: Unelected TPP officials are holding secret talks to bring their dangerous Internet censorship deal back from the dead.1

Corporate lobbyists and powerful nations want to force Canada back into this unfair and undemocratic deal2 — despite Canadians already saying we want no part of it.3

If we let them sneak the TPP back on the table it'll be so much harder to put it back in the ground. But if enough of us speak up right now, we can stop this before it starts.

Tell Global Affairs Minister Freeland and Trade Minister Champagne: “Send the TPP back to its grave. It’s time to formally withdraw Canada from the deal and ensure any future trade talks are shaped by citizens every step of the way.”

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In November, one of the largest international uprisings in history defeated the TPP by forcing key governments to abandon the deal.4

Tens of thousands of Canadians successfully spoke out against the TPP, warning it will overwrite our laws, criminalize our online activity, rob our public domain, and cost our economy millions.5 Under the TPP, corporations will even be given new powers to sue national governments and loot the public treasury for millions.6

But the powerful corporate interests behind the TPP did not take no for an answer. They’re pulling out all the stops to force Canada and other nations back into the TPP straitjacket.

If successful, they will create dangerous, burdensome regulations that will cost Canadians over $400 million annually, invite copyright extremists to launch multi-million dollar lawsuits against our government, and fundamentally tilt the playing field in favour of Big Media.

And if we don’t act right now, their momentum could become unstoppable.

Just months ago, the government assured Canadians that the TPP was dead. But now they’ve hosted new TPP talks in Toronto and Vietnam, where the "TPP 11" are making moves to implement the agreement without the US.

Tell Ministers Freeland and Champagne: Send the TPP back to its grave — Formally withdraw from the TPP and ensure any future trade talks are shaped by citizens every step of the way.

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