Open Canada's Networks

  Open Canada’s Networks

Canadians already pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world for wireless service.1

But now things are about to get even worse. A recent CRTC decision will effectively paralyze one of our last remaining affordable providers, meaning even less competition and even higher prices.2

This is a wake-up call that confirms our wireless market is broken.

Tell Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains: Enough is enough! Take action to lower prices by opening our networks to affordable MVNO providers.

UPDATE: July 2017: Thank you! Thanks to your support, Minister Bains has heard our call and is asking the CRTC to relook at how to ensure competition by having fair rules for MVNOs. Please sign up below to make sure you hear about the next stage of the campaign to open up Canada's networks!

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We need the government to take action to promote choice, and lower prices.

Canada’s current system is broken. Right now, the rules allow the Big Three to block smaller, more affordable competitors (called MVNOs, or Mobile Virtual Network Operators) from Canada’s networks.

These rules must change to ensure every Canadian has affordable options outside the Big Three. That means the government needs to step in and work with the CRTC to open our networks to affordable providers.

But in today’s political climate, having the right argument is only half the battle. To win, we need to show the government that tens of thousands of Canadians are watching closely and need to see this change happen.

Speak up now and let’s make this a reality together.


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[2] Bell takeover of MTS gets federal approval: CBC


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