Save Net Neutrality in Canada

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Save Net Neutrality in Canada

The Chair of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Ian Scott, recently said that because “technology continues to evolve,” we need to prepare to use “flexibility” in addressing our Net Neutrality framework that we’ve relied on for more than a decade.1

The federal government has repeatedly stated its commitment to Net Neutrality, but Canada’s Telecommunications Act is currently under review.2,3 And we know lobbyists – and now the CRTC – are pushing for looser regulations, following the U.S.’ Net Neutrality repeal as an example.4 

The federal government must reject any effort by the CRTC to weaken Canada’s Net Neutrality framework.

Tell Minister Bains: Stand up for Net Neutrality and reject any attempts to undermine these protections that are essential to an open Internet.

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Why Net Neutrality Matters

Net Neutrality is what makes the Internet the greatest communication tool of all time. It’s the protection that ensures all content on the Internet is treated the same. It keeps Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from engaging in harmful practices such as blocking, throttling and paid prioritization, or dividing the Internet into fast and slow lanes.

Without Net Neutrality protections, ISPs can choose what content you access on the Internet and how fast you access it. 

Watering down Net Neutrality protections could:


  • Increase the cost to Internet access, disproportionately impacting low income people and rural communities. 
  • Harm freedom of speech by making it more difficult for smaller voices and independent media to get their content to a wider audience.
  • Stifle innovation by making it harder for smaller competitors and startups to compete against well established Internet giants in a pay-to-play system,
  • The Internet would look more like a cable TV — bundled into expensive packages


Canada is currently reviewing our Telecommunications Act – the rules that govern the Internet – and lobbyists are pushing hard to take back our major Net Neutrality victories.5 We can’t afford to let that happen — take action now!

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