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  Canadians Demand More Choice For Mobile

UPDATE July 25, 2019: This action is now closed, thanks for speaking out! Sign up to our mailing list below to receive our latest updates on how the OpenMedia community is fighting for more choice of mobile providers and check out our latest action page on this issuethere is an important CRTC proceeding coming up that could result in groundbreaking changes for Canada's cellphone market!

The CRTC just rejected the opportunity to address Canadians unfairly high wireless bills by bringing more choice to our mobile markets.1

We pay some of the highest cell phone bills in the world.2 It’s ridiculous, and it needs to stop. Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains has said these high prices are “unacceptable.”3

But with this announcement, the CRTC is just kicking the ball down the road with promises of yet another proceeding.4 Enough is enough: If Minister Bains is serious about addressing competition like he has said he is5 he needs to step in now.

Send an email to Minister Bains and tell him why you need him to step in and bring Canadians more choice on mobile.

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