Canada! Fight for our Privacy!

  Canada! Fight for our Privacy!​

It’s outrageous that Canadians have almost zero protection for their personal data when it’s shared with the U.S.1

And now, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has agreed with us and is urging key ministers to ask their U.S. counterparts to add Canada to a list of countries that are given protection under the U.S. Privacy Act.2

Add your name to the letter to these ministers to demand that they take action to fight for our privacy!

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Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Public Safety Canada
269 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P8

Minister of National Defence
Department of National Defence
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
Justice Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8

Dear Ministers,

Canadians are calling on you to take action to protect our private, personal data in the U.S.

Recently, you heard from Commissioner Therrien that there is “a significant gap in protection of Canadians’ personal information south of the border.”

He suggests that “this gap could be meaningfully addressed if the United States were to add Canada to the list of designated countries under the Judicial Redress Act. I would therefore strongly urge the Government of Canada to ask the United States to add Canada to this list.”

He also specifies “if this were done, my understanding is that the Executive Order would no longer apply to Canadians, as the Order applies 'to the extent consistent with applicable law'. As a long-time ally and close trading partner, I believe that Canada should ask to be given the same level of protection as that granted to the various European countries designated as 'covered countries' on January 17, 2017.”

We urge you to take his advice on board, and to urgently call upon your U.S. counterparts to strengthen privacy protections for Canadians.


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The Canadian government shares a lot with the U.S. Information that can reveal everything from your financial status, to your medical history, your sexual orientation, and even your religious and political beliefs is frequently shared with the U.S by our own government. And refugees, Muslims, and other vulnerable minorities are more at risk now than ever before.3

And yet, we don’t have any serious legal protection for our private, personal data. After OpenMedia sent an urgent letter of concern to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in the wake of an Executive Order from President Trump removing Privacy Act protections from foreigners, the Commissioner replied to say he shares our concerns. And he’s urging key ministers to take action.

Now we need to move urgently to add crucial pressure. Our actions are clearly working, but if we don’t follow through this victory could slip through our fingers.

Add your name to the letter to these key ministers, and show them that there is huge public support behind this call.

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[2] Commissioner’s letter to the ministers of Justice, Public Safety and Defence calling for greater protection of Canadians’ privacy rights in the U.S.: Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

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