Stop Big Telecom’s bad sales practices

 Stop Big Telecom’s Bad Sales Practices

UPDATE: September 10, 2018: Both the consultation and online survey are now closed. Thanks to all of you who spoke up! We submitted more than 1,000 of your comments to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission!

Now’s your chance to do something about that bad experience you had with your phone or Internet company.

The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission is finally investigating bad sales practices by Big Telecom companies. Now, they’re asking you to tell your story. This is our best chance to ensure Bell, Rogers, and Telus aren’t able to get away with misleading people in Canada.

You have until August 30 to get your voice on the record. Act now: Briefly explain your experience below.

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Big Telecom has taken advantage of us for too long. Now is your chance to tell your horror stories to the CRTC and ensure they have to take action.

Submit your comments above, and we’ll send them straight through to the CRTC’s consultation. To give your letter far more impact, please personalize it with your own words, thoughts and experiences.

Some things you could include to make sure your message is heard are:

  • If you’ve been sold Internet speeds much faster than you are actually receiving.
  • If you were told your rates were guaranteed, but your provider has since changed the prices.
  • If you have been sold Internet, home phone, or mobile services that you do not need, in order to receive a discount on your “bundle.”
  • If you were not told about activation fees, or installation fees, for your home Internet, TV, or cell phone.
  • If you were not told about the fine print in your contract.
  • If you’ve had a telecom company sell you services you do not need.

This action is hosted by:

[1] Inquiry on use of misleading or aggressive sales practices by large telecommunications service providers: CRTC
[2] 'I wasn't telling them the whole truth': former sales rep for Bell says he was trained to mislead: CBC
[3] Rogers employees say managers turn a blind eye so call centre workers can lie and cheat customers: CBC 
[4] Customer takes Bell to court and wins, as judge agrees telecom giant can't promise a price, then change it: CBC
[5] CBC investigation into sales practices at major telcos prompts growing calls for public inquiry: CBC
[6] Opinion: Sales tactics for internet, phone, TV require scrutiny: Montreal Gazette




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